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How to Get a Replacement Car Key

Losing a car key can be a frustrating experience. It can also be expensive dependent on the type of car you have.

volkswagon-logo.jpgThe easiest way to get an exchange is to contact an auto locksmith. This option is usually cheaper and quicker than calling an auto dealer or roadside assistance.


Until recently the loss of car keys was not a big deal. You could visit the local hardware store and get a replacement key. Today, however it's more complex and expensive. The reason for this is that cars have become more technologically advanced, and that means keys are also. And while this may make them more secure from theft but it also makes them more expensive to replace.

The cost of a lost key replacement will vary based on the year, make and model of your car. Many modern cars come with keys that include a transponder chip in them to prevent theft. These chips must be linked to your car, which typically requires a locksmith or dealer. The cost can vary based on the type of car you own however, it could be as high as $200.

Additionally, certain modern automobiles utilize laser-cut keys that have to be programmed by an exact machine, which is only available at dealerships or auto locksmiths who specialize in this. The cost of a spare key for this kind of lock could be as high as $100.

The location of your home will also affect the cost. You'll likely need to pay more for service for an area with a lot of distance since the tow truck and locksmith must travel a long distance to reach you. Locksmiths will also charge extra for work done on holidays, weekends or after hours.

You can cut down on the expense of replacing a lost car key by keeping a spare one at home or in your wallet. Keep your vehicle's registration or title documents on you. They will be required to prove ownership should you have to call an auto dealer to request a replacement key. You can also contact your roadside service for assistance. You might be able to obtain an interim replacement car keys cost car key costs - - based on the conditions and terms of your roadside assistance service.


The loss of your car keys can be stressful, but you shouldn't panic. Spend a few minutes searching for your keys in easy places, like your pocket or purse. Then, take a walk through your day and try to remember where you might have left them. This can help you remember where you left them, or the location of them if they're in your car. If you're unable to locate your car keys, it may be time to get a replacement.

The majority of newer vehicles have a remote key fob that utilizes the code to unlock and start the car. This kind of key needs to be programmed to ensure that it can work with your vehicle. This is usually the job of a professional. Contact an auto locksmith and bring evidence of ownership.

Old-fashioned metal car keys are much simpler to replace than remote car key replacement fobs for keys. They function entirely mechanically and replacement car key costs are not complex to duplicate, therefore an expert locksmith in your area can provide you an immediate replacement if you've lost one. The locksmith can also duplicate your ignition cylinder but this is an additional cost. If you'd like to backup the keys to your old car, you can go to a hardware store that specializes in automobiles and get them copied quickly and cheaply.

If your car keys are starting to look worn out it is recommended to replace them. Regular use can wear down the teeth on the keys and cause it to be difficult to align them properly. If the key begins to stick in the lock, it's a sign that it is time for a replacement.

If you own a newer car and it is an expensive model, the key may require programming by the dealership. This is a complicated job that can take an extended time to complete and can cost a significant amount of money. Based on the model of your car it is possible to have the process covered by your car warranty or insurance.


Even if you drive good, you could still lose your keys. This can be a huge hassle, especially if it occurs at the most inconvenient moment, like when you're at a gas station or grocery store and just want to get home. There are many ways to replace a lost key. You can find a locksmith, contact roadside assistance, or replacement car key costs call your insurance company.

The first thing you'll need determine the type of car key you have. This is important because the different vehicles use different types of keys. Some are old-fashioned and lock through the key cylinder, and others come with a chip that communicates with the car in order to unlock the doors and open it up. Some of these keys are easily replaced by an auto-locksmith, however, others will require you to visit a dealer to purchase one from the manufacturer.

No matter if you're using a conventional key or a smart one the first step is to read the instruction manual or contact the dealer for instructions on how to connect it to your vehicle. You'll need to provide proof of ownership and may need to wait a few days before the dealer can order your replacement. This procedure may also require you to take the vehicle to a locksmith or other service provider to be programmed, which isn't the best option for people with tight schedules or are unable to move around.

The process is much easier in the event that you have a spare. You can purchase a new car key online at a cost that is affordable based on the model of your car. If, however, your keys include transponder or key fob element, you'll need to visit a qualified expert to have them replaced and programmed. Depending on the model and make you may have to take it at the dealer, or hire a locksmith replace the key.

Another method to obtain a new car key by using a Bluetooth tracker. These tiny devices attach to your keyring and emit a signal which can be retrieved by a mobile phone that has an application installed. The app will reveal the location of your key, so you can locate it easily.


Car insurance coverage typically does not cover the cost of lost keys. However, there are a few exceptions. Some of the top insurance companies, who are committed to customer satisfaction, offer additional coverage for things such as keys lost. This is usually an additional cost, but it may be less expensive than having to pay out-of-pocket for replacement costs for keys.

The specific policy and the deductible will determine whether or not your car insurance covers keys that are lost. Most traditional metal keys are simple to replace, however those with an electronic fob or smart key, it can be more difficult. These keys are laser-cut and use computers that transmit signals to your vehicle. They are therefore more difficult to replace than keys made of mechanical. In addition, these kinds of keys can be more expensive due to the fact that you'll have to pay for an locksmith and the cost of the new key.

If you're trying to save money on a replacement key that's lost you should consider using an auto club or roadside assistance. These services can provide locksmiths with discounted rates and even pay the cost of the new key. Some of these companies also provide emergency lockout services which can be beneficial when you're in a hurry and are trying to get back on the road.

Another option is to call your car dealer to see if they can help you. Locksmiths are typically available at the majority of dealerships, and may be able make you a key for a reasonable price. If the dealer must purchase a new key for the model you have, it may take several days. Keep all receipts and other documents whatever method you decide to use. This will enable you to make a claim with your insurance company.

The loss of your car keys is a regular event. It's not easy however, it can occur to anyone. However, there are strategies to avoid costly consequences. While the cheapest and fastest method to replace lost keys to your car is to contact an authorized locksmith in your area It is important to weigh the financial benefits against the time involved and possible deductible payment before making a claim with your insurance company.


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