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What Everybody Should Know About Dog Proofing Your Property

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Before you bring a new dog home There are some safety security measures you need to take. This will enable your dog to be safe and will allow them to adjust more easily.

Anything that could be hazardous or harmful is out of range in a dog-friendly residence. It includes electrical cables such as socks, shoes, and shoes as well as remote controls and children toys.

Living Room

The living space is the place where your family and you will spend the most time in the same space, therefore it's vital to secure it from dogs. From electricity cords, to open doors and recliners, there's a myriad of dangers in your living space that could be hazardous for your dog.

There are many ways to ensure your dog is safe in your living area without having to spend a great deal of money. It's all about keeping your pet safe from potential hazards while still allowing them to relax in your home.

Chewing on cords and wires may pose dangers to your puppy. These can cause mouth burns or electrical shock, possibly even death. To protect yourself from this, be sure to tuck cords behind furniture or secure them using guards for your cords.


Bathrooms are an area that could be a dangerous place for a dog. They are never too eager to discover new things, so you must take extra steps to make sure they can't access anything that is harmful or could pose a choking risk.

Remember that even small items like hair ties, band aids as well as headbands, hairpins and other hygiene items could be a huge choking risk for dogs. The items must be stored safely, or put away inside a cabinet.

Take care where bath products are placed - dog chews easily through containers and take in the scent.

Another potential risk to the bathroom is the toilet itself because dogs could drink toilet water which may be contaminated with chemicals. To protect yourself from this, you should use a lid lock for your toilet, or lock the door to the bathroom.


Although your pet's favourite place to rest, it can also pose a danger. You should ensure that you are secured with a strong lock for your bedroom door. If you loved this article and you would want to receive more info with regards to new Dog tips kindly visit our webpage. Also, don't neglect to secure any cords or other hanging items that may pose the cause of choking for your pup.

Your bed, your rocking chair, even the tables at your ends should be off limits for the sake of keeping your pet safe. Be sure to not let your dog to jump on these objects. It could result in serious injury or damage to furniture.

According to NASA The best method to dog-proof your home is to sit back and imagine yourself as you would think like a dog. This will prevent injuries, and provide you with security knowing you are taking care of your pet by your family. It's not a huge change however, it can go a significant way to make the life of your pet a comfortable and safe one.


People often do not protect their homes from animals. Yet, it's crucial to do so because of the hazardous items that can be found in the garage.

When a dog or cat consumes objects like fertilizer, batteries and road salt, they may cause serious harm. Also, they could be dangerous to pets.

If you're hoping to keep your garage dog-friendly it is essential to arrange everything properly so harmful items remain out of reach, as well as clean. This can be done by putting similar items together and putting them into clear plastic containers fitted with lids.

Also, make sure to keep the garage properly weathertight and well-insulated for winter and summer. This will ensure your pets are comfortably warm and comfy in the winter months throughout the year.


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